Project im Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

RESTAURANT Du Lac Interlaken


Contact and pre-information notice

  1. All parties submit reciprocal information of name, address and place of business.
  2. A confidentiality obligation and nondisclosure agreement is signed to ensure the protection of all data and information under consideration.
  3. Loans, credits and exchange of funds from CHF 100'000 up are subject to the Swiss banking legislation, particularly the Money Laundering Act (MLA) and can only be made by transfer to a Swiss bank account – in our case UBS in Bern (or Interlaken branch) or the cantonal bank of Bern BEKB in Bern (or Interlaken branch).
  4. The business in question and the legal venue are located in Switzerland and therefore any agreement is formulated in order to guarantee Swiss legal certainty. Ensuing loan or property contracts must be drafted by an independent trust agency domiciled in Switzerland and clarification must be achieved regarding compliance with the fiscal law and the Federal Law on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Foreign Nationals.
  5. In the light of the provisions described in points 3 and 4 the nature of the commitments between the parties must be defined – financial engagement as investment or tender / sale offer.
  6. The first contacts aim to bring together all essential elements to establish a Letter of Intent (LOI) and to initiate officially the contract negotiations.