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A Family Affair

For two centuries and 5 generations, the Hofmann family and newly the Sherzad family have been welcoming guests from all over the world at Hotel Du Lac in the spirit of tradition and service!

Holidays at long last - enjoy time and space, the real luxury of modern life! If your dreams are about lakes and mountains, here at Interlaken-Ost, where once pilgrims admired the picturesque beauty of the river Aare, they must come true.


From the beginning of tourism in the 18th century the wish to take to the sunny side of life has always been spiced with a dash of romanticism as expressed by Goethe, Lord Byron, Mendelssohn and many other distinguished travellers.


Since these early days the Du Lac was there at that important junction linking the big European centres, Swiss cities and nowadays also all major airports via road and especially trains to the threshold of the Jungfrau region. So within hours the hassle of urban life changes to scenery ranging from the secluded peace of deep valleys to adventurous High Mountain trails out of the beaten track. 

Your hosts today,

Family Sherzad

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